- are our values

IBT Labs is the company chosen to bring the
Global Stability Unit www.GSU.io to market


The GSU and its function is the unique, competitive advantage behind all our services and applications



Our purpose is to provide, on a global scale, everybody with Equality of access to price Stability and transaction Efficiency in their daily pursuit of Prosperity.

Energized by this aim,
our unique value proposition;
is brought forward by an experienced team,
striving to build a leading blockchain business.

How we execute

We deliver based on a core strategy with two
supportive approaches:


Developing and launching services and applications

directly in the market

Supportive approaches:

1. Providing these services as white-label

2. Distributing our services through joint-ventures


What we do

We develop blockchain-based services and easy-to-use applications connecting to these.


IBT Labs is the company chosen to commercialize the GSU exchange-rate system.

This well-documented solution provides a significant improvement in price-stability and reduction of the risk of disorderly exchange-rate movement.

It makes it easy to carry out global transactions with stable prices, and with the same efficienct as a local transaction.


The protocol offers crypto-users to take out a loan, in GSUc, using a crypto-asset as collateral. The protocol issues/mints GSU coins based on a trusted, open-source code and is the first service to make GSU reference tokens available.


Our exchange platform will support implementation of the GSU coin as an exchange-to-exchange central liquidity provider.


Swap.Global offers direct atomic swaps to crypto users.


The blockchain we have created is the world’s first dual payment-function chain. This means, that it both can process transactions paid in the token-type being sent, while at the same time offering users to interact with the chain using a native token for payment.


Our wallet for mobile phones, enables the user to hold and with a single swipe send tokens around the globe with final transaction confirmation in less than 30 seconds

- all at a fixed, low cost.


To meet the need in future point-of-sale situations, we have developed the ICS (Instant Confirmation System) that enables transaction confirmation within less than half a second, so that crypto becomes as fast and easy to use as any solution available today.



IBT Labs

Integrated Blockchain Technology A/S

Danish company ID 40697594

Phone: +45 39 77 51 77
Email: contact [@] ibtlabs.io